Sunday, December 19, 2010

coming soon.....

well Christmas... and this little baby girl should be arriving around the same time. Her parents are just like any first time parents EXCITED & NERVOUS... They'll be awesome. I'm sure her grandmas & grandpas can't wait for her to show up! Good luck you two!!! Can't wait to meet her. p.s i am in love with her momma's boots. thanks for being super patient with my computer problems! you guys rock!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

So late....

Better late than never... right?... My computer has been gone being fixed for forever, so i'm behind on all my editing, but I have the best clients ever and no one's made a fuss and has been super patient! Thanks everyone, if you haven't seen yourself on the blog it's cause I'm busy editing your pics... Sorry to anyone who's been waiting, and big thanks to my computer guy!;) Anyways here's a quick sneak peek of my sis-in-law since she'll be waiting behind everyone else in line I thought I'd let her see a couple, obviously these were done before this snow came...! It was fun taking these even though we were frozen by the end! Thanks Kenz!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ally & her little ruby red slippers....

Oh she is stinking cute! And she reminds me of Quincee with the faces she can pull! She was so good for her pictures with her mom and dad. She looks like her dad but has her moms cute littleness to her. I also loved her whole outfit, the whole family looked awesome, and thanks to Gramma for her help entertaining this energetic one year old! Quincee and Ally are about a week apart. Enjoy her she rocks!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

little late...

for Halloween photos. But I'm going to be 'trying' to put my family's life back on the blog too. Since I'm hoping to find the time to set up a photography blog this winter... we'll see. Anyways here's my cute little pumkins on Halloween. And the Ralph grandkids, ya me and Amy are cool like that. Usually I take one with Lynz's kids too but they were undressed by time I saw them... happy late halloween

Friday, November 5, 2010

anytime now...

this baby will be coming out... this will be the sixth grandkid on my family's side. this is my sister, she looks good huh... these i took about a month ago she's now a week overdue waiting and waiting to meet this little one which will be a girl or a boy. i'm voting boy but we'll see! and here are it's brother and sister too, waiting to squish it too much!! especially lucy! also i'm giving credit to mandy for the picture in front of barn, lynz wanted it really bad so we had to use your idea! thanks mandy hope you don't care!;)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


i took this family's photos a few weeks ago. And they've been so patient through my computer troubles... thanks. You guys were great! Enjoy that darling new grandbaby!!! He's a doll. Good luck not spoiling him... ;)