Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Taking the Plunge...

Well I'm taking the plunge to a minivan mom and # 3.
I'm sure alot of you already knew since everyone in Raymond loves to gossip!
But I figured now was the time to tell... it's a girl, I'm almost 20 weeks
and since everyone will want to know why I haven't told I guess I
just decided it wasn't going to be anyone's business until I officially made it
people's business myself. So sorry if anyone's feelings are hurt that they
didn't get told personally but I only told my immediate family.
Well that's about it I guess I'll soon know what it is to drive a minivan and haul three
instead of two around. Not sure if I know what I'm getting myself into.
Stamps games dragging Houston, Kodi and carrying a newborn with two or
three bags and extra blankets trying not to fall down a hundred cement steps...
didn't think about that at the time.... But here goes!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mini Soccer...

The oranges at halftime were a hit.

Pep Talk

Before the game he couldn't wait. First ones there, "Mom why's everyone taking so long.", " Let's go play soccer." "Where's Ty and Delaney?"


Houston & Ty

Houston had his first soccer game last Wednesday. It was hilarious. Their just little people running every which way all trying to take the ball from each other teammate or not. Houston couldn't wait everyday we had to tell him one more sleep he just couldn't stand the wait. And now its over he just wants to go again. He practices all the time! Kodi just liked everyone's snacks as usual.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Phoenix Trip...

We went to Phoenix for two weeks got back about a week ago, to snow! Yuck it was 100 F there and freezing when we got here. Seriously not a nice surprise. But it was tons of fun down there lots of swimming and sun. I took hardly any pics, honestly so dumb of me but I was busy in the sun or shopping. Houston is now a fish in the water, we have to watch him cuz u don't even know he's left the edge and next thing he's hanging on ur back in the middle, scary. Kodi was so sick while we were there even had to go to emerg down there to find out it was Bronchitis. And she gave that to me so we were both hacking our lungs out. But she was a rotten little thing. Maybe its the terrible twos coming too. But she is all girl and a wee bit snotty. Favorite word is NO! Or clinging to my leg... Mommy Mommy. Now we're just getting back and Brett will be leaving in a month back to football and then we'll make the dreaded move later. yuck i hate calgary. Oh well Football games are fun. We come home alot too. Well thats about it for the Phoenix trip.

Mud, Sun, & Spring Fun

We went to "the pasture" on the weekend, and had a picnic and of course Ty and Houston had to get into a little trouble a.k.a. MUD! Crocs stuck right in the middle, mud everywhere... and Houston got a new bike he's still learning to ride. We're loving the little bit of warm weather.