Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back Home!!!

So we got back from our Phoenix trip tonight. After 4 long days of driving. Well not horribly long we took our time but it made it feel like forever. We left Thursday and drove to Las Vegas, we stopped at Hoover Dam (incredible and scary), then shopped a little in vegas and drove down the strip, then slept in Mesquite. Friday we left and drove to Provo, where i went into Trendy Tots, oh my goodness i should not have done that it was adorable! Then had the most embarrassing moment of my life thus far, a few of you know that little secret! Met up with my cousin Lacey who I haven't seen since before her mission, I love her to pieces! We slept in Salt Lake and visited Temple Square. Then drove to Missoula where we spent the night and drove home today. We got to the Coutts border and sat in line for 2 1/2 hours! Ridiculous! One lane open. Now we're home and have to unpack! Yuck. Well I'll post pics from the trip later for now here are some I took right before we left... the kids, Ty, Houston & Kodi playing at the pasture! They'd all live there if they could.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hanging out in Phoenix!

So last Monday we flew down to Phoenix. Me, Brett and the kids. We can't believe a week has already gone by. We're having tons of fun especially with the weather. We have been staying with Brett's cousin/aunt?! Houston has learned to swim while we've been here too! Right now he can swim to the edge under water, jump off the diving board himself and swim to the edge under water, and catwalks along the edge of the pool! It is so funny to watch him. He's so little to swim but he caught on fast. It's pretty funny. When we get back home I'll have to post some pictures of it! Kodi loves the water too but no swimming yet. Today we went to the zoo, and honestly the animals we're so close to us. The zebras you could reach out and touch, and the lions and tigers were only separated from us by a chain link fence! Ghetto and scary all at the same time! It's hot here and we're loving that we're missing the bad weather back home. Brett went in a golf tourney while we were here and won the whole thing, which bonus for me won some shopping money, ha ha! So we have another day or two here and then we'll start the drive back home. We'll stop in Vegas and then in Salt Lake and keep heading home. So i hope I can get all the shopping done I need to. Brett's ready for me to be done, especially at Target! I can't hardly help myself in there. Well I'll post pictures from our trip when we get home!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Easter and Ty's Party!

Just some more pictures!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So I just got a new camera and have been loving playing around with it taking pics of the kids and what not! We really haven't been up to anything much, Ty had his 3rd birthday last weekend and I made him a turtle cake with a little of Lyndsay's help:) !!! She tries, sorry Lynz! She did make the cake and the icing! Ty was so excited that it was a Donny cake! And he got a zillion turtle presents. But it was so fun for the kids, especially Ninja Turtle freak Ty and Houston loves them now too! Crap I hate those things! Oh well what can I do. Just don't think I'd ever let him buy turtle clothing or anything of the sort! We leave to Phoenix in two weeks! Yea warm sunshine. I hope both kids fly good! Wish us luck!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So I know Easter has come and gone but I haven't had time to post pics from it or anything! So here goes. Easter was lots of fun for the kids, Brett was gone to California to pick up a vehicle. But we gave the kids their treats on Monday morning instead. Houston loved getting the actual Easter bunnies. Gramma Dana (Framma) got 4 bunnies and Houston went and picked out his own. He was totally in love until it scratched him as he was holding it too tight around the neck. He still likes it just not quite as much as before!! Kodi wasn't too gentle but what 10 month old is?! Dyeing eggs was a hit for about two eggs then me and Lynz ended up decorating them. But all together Easter was fun!