Thursday, June 16, 2011


here's our little announcement..., ya #4 is on it's way. Don't know how this happened actually I do (I'm not that dumb) but I guess I better get ready to have 4 kids running wild in my trailer!!! 4 sounds quite scary, but the kids are super excited and I guess I'm getting there... slowly. ;) Anyways if you didn't know now you do. Kaylee

Monday, June 13, 2011

4 years old & going on 16

Kodi is 4! No I can't believe it. It goes by way too fast. We had a party for her, just family, maybe a friend one next year, she needs some friends first...;) She was sick when I took her pics so don't judge her squinty eyes. She loves being outside, doing anything Gramma Dana is doing, chores, mowing, riding, fixing fences, piddling around, anything to not be inside. She loves babies, mothering Quincee and Lucy. Bossing them too. She is usually good tempered but when she suddenly gets mad she's mad and "SHE"S NOT TALKING!!!" So don't bug her. She has really soft feelings something I'm not so I guess that's why I got her, so I'd learn to deal with it... I don't cry. She likes too. She doesn't like to be yelled at and her feelings get hurt easy. She's got a lot of spunk though, and holds her own if she needs to. She does have Houston to bug her all day! We love her and can't believe she's growing up so fast!!!! She's going to preschool in fall and I"m going to die with trusting Houston to get her there off the bus!!! AHHH....

Monday, June 6, 2011

Karlee & Kyle

A little late on this post, you already have your disk, but I've just transferred to my new imac! Yea! My old computer was lacking skills so I made the change. Hope I can figure it out, slow so far... anyways here's a peek at this couple's session. They're getting married in August! I can't believe this girl's beating out everyone in her family, whoa Karlee... maybe it'll get those boys going;) Good luck with your wedding plans!