Sunday, October 9, 2011

happy happy birthday!!!!

Quincee is 2 today!!! We're excited she's growing up but I hate that she soon won't be the 'baby'. Cause she definitely still acts like she is;) She is talking lots and her favorite this week is 'noooo kooodi" or "ooookay" with a little sass on the end, like duh mom I know. We had Rope and Brooke's wedding this weekend and they looked great pics to come, the girls and boys were also super cute but not so great for pics we'll see how those turned out. Anyways a little about Quincee....
-shes definitely a mommy's girl
-loves horses especially Fanny
-loves her dolly's, purses and cell phones, doesn't go alot of places without the phone
-is very grumpy in mornings, especially to her daddy;)
-loves Kodi and lets her 'babysit' a.k.a. tell her what to do all day long
-loves to blow bubbles on mommys big tummy
-lately if i ask if she pooped she will say 'no houston, or no kodi or no daddy or no mommy' anyone pooped but her
-she loves cereal just like her dad
-doesn't like when kodi and houston leave her for school on bus
-is super wild and crazy just like houston was
-we love her and we all also like to 'baby' her, (mommy, daddy, kodi and houston) if she gets in trouble they are right there saying it's okay quincee don't cry, sit on my lap, etc.