Sunday, May 30, 2010


Alright, maybe I should follow my MOTHER'S advice already and get my actual 'photograpy' website going. I'm pretty dumb on the computer though so I'd have to figure it out... ha. Anyways here are some senior photos I did at grad. It was fun and the boy is my bro-in-law. Cute huh... yeah but he's taken, hence the cute blonde girl. The other two girls are friends and we had fun taking there pics before grad and sewing one into her dress...;) They all looked stunning hope they like they're pics... Top three dresses of the night for sure!!! I might be a little biased tho...;) Oh p.s. look at Jimmy's face while he's holding open the door for her, it's like... "dang she looks good..." but he'd word it better he'd say "dang she looks fresh or something like that.?"

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

love tiny bums...

Just wanted to add a couple more for Ally's mom... Can't resist a cute baby's squishy bum!

love this pic she absolutely hated the grass, so would i if i had soft tiny feet...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Miss Ally

This is little miss ally... she's a cutie. She was soo good for me and my camera. By the end though she was done playing dress up! Hope her mom likes these... sorry it took me so long to post some... ;)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

love those tiny toes

these were meant to be put on here when Quincee turned six months old she's now over seven months... the time is flying. She is a happy little thing. Her brother and sister love her, Houston talks baby talk to her all the time, and Kodi lights right up as soon as she sees her. Kodi can be pouting and grumpy and if Quincee is there she instantly starts talking in her baby voice to her. Quincee sits up pretty good now, is rolling and pulling herself all over the place, trying to get up on all fours, and I'm wanting to push her back down! I want her to slow down! Selfish I know but they're only little for a short, short time. She doesn't sleep through the night not even close, haha I wish, she's always happy. Loves animals, especially the baby chicks and the new baby foal. Thinks they're hilarious. She makes three kids worth it everyday!