Sunday, November 13, 2011

kids & nora

Here's baby Nora, she was so tiny, or I just can't remember newborns;) And the rest are some of my kids i'm trying to get done before #4 comes any day now.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mostly Halloween...

This was our Halloween, we went in the week to the Haunted Mansion in Stirling, I told Kodi she was not old enough but she would not be left out. We told Houston and Ty they would be scared and Houston acted so cool and told us he would definitely not be scared as soon as we walked in the doors Houston was grabbing my hand squeezing for dear life asking to go home, Ty was freaking out, Kodi was bawling on and off and by the end Ty was too thinking we'd never get out and Houston definitely was not the tough guy! Him and ty are NOT going back next year..... haha. Then we had Halloween, if you can't tell Houston the baseball player, Kodi the princess, and Quincee the devil. Now in her prayers when I say be a 'good girl' she says 'no a devil'. Oh and I added one of little Ava.... not mine, she's not here yet!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

little of everything

Okay so this is a ton of pics, some of Rope's wedding, some of Quincee's 2nd bday, some of Jade/Parker/Jimmy/Dylan, congrats to them on their endowments and sealing!!! I'll hopefully post on Lynz family, Miles and Halloween and baby Ava before this baby comes.... we'll see. Two weeks to go