Tuesday, October 28, 2008

P.s. i really do love Houston too, but he runs as soon as the camera comes out. He's now learned too much from me. He'll take his binoculars (camera) and tell me "say cheese mom", "oh no, that was a bad picture lets take another one, say cheese"... poor kid!

Just a few pics....

And this is where my baguette went!!! She eats anything and everything...
Kodi's a bit of a daredevil. Does dangerous things. Climbs onto the kitchen table, stands with no hands on the ledge of this bathtub, etc, etc... But the naked rolly bum is cute...

This is Kodi playing Peekaboo with me

Just heading into the locker room after the game with Dad! Waiting for the game to finish so dad will come get Houston

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I love fall...

We went for a pumpkin hunt at Butterfield Acres.
Usually Kodi is a wuss but she was good that day

I wanted you to see how huge this Clydesdales were but the pics don't do them justice. They are just massive.

Brett can't see why this is my favorite pic. Even with a little snotty nose....

This pig was enormous as well...

Right about now she's freaking out a little too close i guess

Houst helping Kodi find her pumpkin

Found it'!

All three would not look at my camera.

No one look at my hair the winds blowing and it was messy.... thanks

I love this gate.

Attacking the kitties at grammas farm'

All houston would let me take he's a beast when it comes to me and my camera. I'm planning a day for his pics though. Little does he know and he'd better be good.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Okay so this is so not like me but oh well what if i won! It's a cute new purse right? I saw it on Kenzie Jensen/Garner?s blog, don't know if thats her last name now? But I thought i'd enter and if you post on your blog you get to enter more! www.handbagplanet.com

Friday, October 3, 2008

Little Bathtime Bunny

Okay so I couldn't resist this little bathrobe. It was too cute. And she loves it, as does Houston when we let him put it on...

Daddy's Game!

Kodi and Amari, we had a little daycare going to occupy all the kids around us! Jks. But there were six or seven of them.

Kodi loves to kiss her horses, hence the almost about to pucker face.
Houston had crashed on the seat, no pictures for him this game.

Fun at the Corn Maze...

Trying to navigate to kids through a corn maze was fun but by the end we took the EMERGENCY EXIT! Tired little legs and tired mom and dad arms! The petting zoo was fun too.

This short cut Houston took through the maze had Kodi stuck for five minutes long enough for me to get a cute pic!

This corn he took through the whole maze to feed the chickens after until he dropped it for them and went to grab it again and they almost pecked his hands off. That freaked him out a little, not so nice little chickens!


Every picture you take of Houston is some type of scowl! Cute scowls, but none the less, scowls...