Wednesday, October 24, 2012

couple post in one

This little witch turned 3 this month! Crazy I swear she was just born. Quincee had a Halloween dressup party, she loved it. She was a princess, a witch for her invitation pictures. Cutest little witch I've ever seen, but I am biased a bit. You can quit growing up anytime little girl!
 The Duce Family was so easy to photograph and how cute is this cowboy family???!
 I've been meaning to take some pictures of my kids but they always get put down on the totem pole! I hope this snow goes away quick cause there's a few more ideas and pictures I want to take of them before -30 sets in!!! Love these four kids......
 Baby Kalani was a perfect baby for this shoot. He was a bit older than my normal newborn sessions but he was easy and so cute. His sister's pretty cute too and decided to pop in a picture too! ;)
                                                                 I love this job!!!

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